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We have a series of team building tasks that tests team effectiveness, communication skills, leadership qualities and problem solving skills. Try the maze, the spiders web, ski’s, marble run, the tube and many more…these are completely mobile and can be delivered anywhere.

NATURAL NAVIGATION Would you like to know how to navigate using nature? This session shows you how to Use the sun, the trees, a puddle and the environment in which we live and walk to find your way around; using natures sign posts…not a map or compass! ARCHERY Great for individual skill and having fun. An activity that all will hit the target, it just depends how close you get to the bull! Instructors will teach archery technique to help you improve your aim.This activity is completely mobile. FIRST AID  First aid training is a life skill and can be taught to 8 years and above, we adapt each session or course to fit with the age and ability of the group. We can offer HSE certified courses for groups over the age of 16.


We show you how to navigate using a map and compass. A life skill that is sadly being replaced by the SAT NAV. We can deliver basic courses as well as mountain navigation courses and are approved by the National Navigation Award Scheme.